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5 things to keep in mind while developing Android app design
5 things to keep in mind while developing Android app design

As technology penetrates our homes every day, thousands of mobile apps are sent to Google, and what matters to any user in these safeguards is to design professionally built commercial apps, in which part there may be only a few hundred at the forefront, and if your goal is to join the elite group One of the applications here is Gogan Solutions, which offers design applications of the highest level for both the operating system Android and iOS.

All the requirements of the application encountered by Googan Solutions have different requirements and different functions, however, the process of developing the design of Android applications, which consists of several stages that go into the design, development and deployment of the application after several tests for the developers of those applications is one of our most important tasks.

Involve users
Android and iOS app design marketing drives users to more Play Store downloads, which is important, but at the same time it's important to keep users busy using the app regularly, too, and engaged customers are likely to provide good ratings, in-app purchases, etc. This can be done through campaigns that target email, SMS, or push notifications, as well as through proactive and regular updates that unlock issues that people face.

Improved applications
After running the app it is important to conduct detailed data analysis by studying the usage patterns of the app and knowing how customers interact with the app.You can also gain important knowledge and make further modifications to the app, as a developer your ultimate goal should be to improve the app well in order to achieve life value Top customers.

Measure success
Once the app is run and widely used by the public, it's important to measure how well your app works.This needs to measure some varied parameters, including the number of downloads, the number of active users, the most common features, the least common features that can be improved, etc., which in turn gives you a good idea About the market reception of applications and the total demand for them in some cases, so plan ahead to continue designing applications that in turn fulfill the requirements of all users.

No application has been successful, as developers need to continue working to improve the app and provide a better experience, customer behavior evolves over time, and reassessment and growth can be in terms of providing new value paths, targeting a new audience, Or redefine the app flow based on customer feedback received, one also needs to think critically and creatively and come up with better ideas for app development.

Design with the best tools available for Android development
Providing a great Android app design with a reliable user interface and amazing experience is not easy.All this is possible with the help of the latest tools and technologies.You can order this from Gogan Solutions. Gogan Solutions understands each customer's needs and provides a customized Android app based on their requirements. From highly qualified and experienced app developers who provide services for different systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

Questions to answer before building the app

Can the app solve a specific problem for my users?
Are there options that my app can beat?
If you can answer these two questions constructively, you are halfway to your idea to become a reality.You should also know clearly where your target audience is, and this is what Gogan Solutions is interested in designing mobile applications based on the needs of users.


Every great app starts with an idea.If you have an idea in creating mobile apps, check out the possible solutions that that app answers.In addition, look at the problems you might have when you build the app.The successful apps are those apps that people often use that Keep them using those apps, regardless of the tips above, it might include some other things to keep in mind when developing an Android app.

If you have any type of application development or design requirement that meets user needs, feel free to contact us now.

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