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6 effective and proven ways to help you make money by creating a mobile app
6 effective and proven ways to help you make money by creating a mobile app

The app market is more money-intensive than ever, and although there seems to be a tendency towards free apps instead of paid apps, there is still a lot of money you can make by creating a phone app, let us know you on 6 effective ways to help you To make money by creating a mobile app, but we will come to this article assuming you have little prior knowledge about programming and you have finished searching for the optimal language for your phone application such as Xcode or Unity. , So in this article we will highlight Li effective ways in which you can exploit your skills, installed in the right things to make the application of your phone in the right places, which helps you bring money from mobile applications lucrative market.

Sign up for "app stores"
Once you've created your entire mobile app, it's time to show it to your target audience.In order to start uploading this app, you'll need to publish or upload the app to your Apple App Store or Google Play Store.You'll need to be a fully registered member. This is done through the "Apple's scheme, the Developer Program" and this registration is not free, it will cost you an annual fee of $ 99 (about £ 80 and A $ 135), although this costs you a sum of money but it also gives you a set of testing tools Early access to Apple dev app versions and deployment capability for Mac and Windows Shake the mobile, Apple Watch, Apple TV and more, and after completing the application creation and registration via the app stores and when you start the order to lift your applications will start a team from the application store that you registered to review the application and make sure that it meets the requirements and standards and meet them, but there Google Play's development program "you can sign up for at a lower cost, with a login fee of approximately $ 25 (about £ 20 and A $ 35) that allows you to use all online development tools and accept payments using Google Payments, both as soon as you register will give you possibility Access to their respective payment engines, allowing you to accept funds for upgrades from your customers.

Product selection
The apps you design and develop are very important.If you are an army of one-on-one vision, you are unlikely to create a mobile app and develop it perfectly or professionally.Choose a place instead to be a specialist in the industry in order to create a phone app as part of a strategy. Basically on examining the target group for this app as well as the market and competitors, consider also directing your app to the top categories most demanding for a specific type of phone app, or being innovative but filling a gap within the phone app market, according to Vision Mobile. The most important part A burst of profits from the mobile app market, for example, in 2014 came from those business, health, and enterprise applications - not quite surprising, given the budgets available to IT departments and executives who buy apps to increase productivity and connectivity.

Make it free at first
Let's take a look at the success of Nintendo and Super Mario Run, see that the company that created and developed an application put it on the app stores and made it downloadable for free, you can get three levels of play as much as you want after the end of the first level and the desire to download more , But the full command for all levels costs $ 9.99 / £ 7.99 - a fact that many users were not familiar with until they passed those first three levels.If Nintendo put this price on the app itself in order to download it, it was not very satisfying to users, since it Not yet tried to prove the extent It is worth the cost, but after a number of levels are offered free of charge, many users of the game are fully prepared to give up some cash because they already knew that what they buy is a good quality application, in addition to the immersion of users in the game to the point of addiction to some It's hard to give up the app even if it costs more money, so in the app market this “free” tag has a charm to attract users, even if you include in-app purchases after several levels or to get more future value added, so before To ask the user To get your app paid, start giving them the best experience possible without having to pay.After confirming the quality of the app and the benefit, offer the features and upgrades that require payment as opposed to them.Make it unnecessary but good or privilege to own it, even Get a base of the most dedicated users.

Be responsive
The process of creating an app is not everything, it is one of a series of steps, after the completion of the design and testing, then comes the step of uploading it to the application stores, and after publishing if you have an application on the store, you will get feedback from users, often, it will be It is only unnecessarily harsh reactions, but do not feel frustrated because this is the natural course of any mechanism that allows freedom of opinion over the Internet, read all the good and negative comments, although subjective criticism, and respond to what calls for a reply but objectively impartial, About those resulting negative comments for those who have experienced mesh If you are wondering what is the need for speed response either by positive communication with users or speeding up problems, let us acknowledge that users who Browsing app stores pick up the apps they see in the highest rating.If you want the highest rating across search engines, you definitely need to do everything you can to get as close to five stars as possible.This means treating your users well and building a positive and productive relationship with them and fixing problems thatFace them.

Configure the app to make impressions across search engines
Comments that not only affect your download numbers, of course - you can be as responsive as you want, but responding quickly, fixing problems, meeting needs and filling in gaps are of course great for working to broaden the user base and increase user satisfaction and loyalty. However, if you want to get ahead of the search engines and get the initial results, effective communication alone is not enough.You'll have to work hard to configure your app to fit into the search engine algorithms to archive and that's definitely a good thing, by targeting a number of Words a This will help you get initial results across search engines if someone within the target group searches for an application related to the specific application quality. Your app will then be a powerful filter by the search engines for that user. As for getting user feedback, there are some apps that use pop-ups or other polite notifications to make their own rating suggestions on the settings screen. For those concerned users visit only.

Hosting Ads
Don't want to ask users about money? But seeking to earn a little extra money side by side to upgrade the paid app? Depending on the type of app you are using, you have some potential options for hosting ads, many mobile app owners go to the banner, which is constantly displayed on the screen.This type of ad may be a minor nuisance, and we can't say that the inconvenience caused is that A user stops running the app, but it is enough to convince him that a purchase is made here in one way or another and may raise the suspicion that the app itself is paid and not free since it displays in a nearby area a purchase or advertisements are made, but the most convenient of this type Of the ads is the ad V U, which can gain a small additional advantage for the user, there is no doubt that the video is the favorite of all kinds of multiple content types, and its presence may help the user to eliminate boredom or have some fun by watching and this will certainly reflect positively on Your application.

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In the smartphone app market we see that app owners and developers have made hundreds if not millions of dollars through these apps, although this was easier than five years ago, but it is now one of the most competitive markets for a part Here, we've introduced 6 golden steps to help you make money after creating a mobile app, but if you're confused about the process of creating the app itself or designing and developing it and looking for a professional entity, we recommend Googan Solutions is for you to help you create a professional app A successful highlights among the crowds of phone applications helps you achieve your business goals and make money from this market.

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