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10 tips to consider when designing professional mobile apps
10 tips to consider when designing professional mobile apps

In the world of mobile applications nothing is more important than the design step itself in the foundation stone that is a lot, and here let us talk about something important which is how mobile applications are designed and is one of the most important aspects of the application development process, because it dictates how users interact with the application Here, in this article submitted by "Jogan Solutions", the best smartphone application design company in Saudi Arabia, we will highlight important tips to help you design a professional mobile application and successful through three main axes are as follows:

What is the mobile app design process?
Why is it important to keep this process in mind and equally important?
Plus, how can you make sure that you have the best design for your phone application?
Let us start!

What is Mobile App Design?

Before we look much further, it is important to first understand what we mean by talking about mobile app design, we are talking about the whole user interface from top to bottom, whatever your user sees, or includes designing your mobile app all Up to, touches and interacts with the user.

Why is mobile app design critical to its success?

Now that you have an understanding of what we mean by the design process of the phone application, let's look at the reasons why the design process is of paramount importance, let's acknowledge that the user experience of the application depends entirely on what the design is, it plays a crucial role in the way the user feels When interacting with the application is the basis of the user experience as it plays a direct role in the rate at which the user base can grow, and there is a secondary benefit of having a well-designed app is to gain competitive features in the market, then you are no doubt that if you open the application you It is designed with suspicion Good, it makes you feel immediately how professional and professionalism designed by this application and all this is reflected in the user base and the number of downloads and evaluations.

What are important tips for designing professional mobile apps that meet the goals?

The way your app looks and plays a big role in the way users feel while using it, increase the look of your UI in order to enhance your user experience to the next level.Let's take a look at how to make sure the design of the app gives the user amazing visuals, Clear, simple, and be an effective component of the competition through 10 golden tips:

Conduct the necessary research and work within a deliberate strategy
The first step to ensure your design is better than the rest is to do some serious research, search the app market for other apps that are relevant to your app and take notes, here are some factors to help you in this regard: What is the target group and what are the most important trends Have to turnout for applications related to this app? What is the size of competition in this market specifically for applications? Who are the main competitors?

How do apps that are similar to or related to the app look like the design?
What are the advantages in the way current applications work?
What are the vulnerabilities of existing applications and what can you improve?
What kind of things would stop you from using this app regularly?
In the light of the outlines you have built around this design, do you think that if you find an application like this you will refer your friends to it or not?
In the end, make sure you know who is the target user you are designing the application for? The user will have a great impact on the appearance and function of the final design of this application.

Do it better
The next step is to work to do things really better than your competition, and here we don't talk about beautiful designs on the face that make the same problems more likely to happen but in a different way, but we mean going back to the drawing board and designing a facade that works better or does the same job in a way Easier, faster or more fun.

Make it amazing from the start screen
Well you have to remember that the first way to wow users is to start with something spectacular, be sure that the first impression lasts, this can be a very lively and colorful motion drawing that sets off an experience with a bang, or a brilliant home screen that allows you to make a great impression From the word "go".

Outdated apps are losing popularity
 The market is always shifting and new trends in mobile app design can change at any moment, meaning that you'll update the mobile app design continuously commensurate with the nature of popular or updated trends, if the app does not contain a merge of some of the most popular features currently available, it will start In the sense as if this app is outdated despite the novelty of its design history, outdated apps are useless and unusual apps can't hope to be successful in the long run.

The design should be about the end goal of the user
Each application should be designed around the user's goals to use, and not resort to designing an application in some way just because this design is absolutely wonderful but it does not serve the ultimate goal of the application sought by the user, this means you before you start to choose a design that fits the objectives of the target group, it must First of all, understanding what the user's ultimate goals are and the clarity of the goals and making them specific are exceptionally easy to achieve.You must make the design serve the steps and sequence in an easy and intuitive way that motivates the user to follow the steps necessary to reach the end point without getting frustrated or distracted between.

Understand your ideal user personality
The design of successful smartphone applications revolves around an understanding of the people targeted, meaning that the design process must be preceded by a strategy based on accurate research and data about that target group in terms of age, social, religious or cultural issues that may prevent the user from obtaining To make the most of your application, for example, if you are creating a game for a young user in this case you do not need to worry about clarifying the steps to start playing or embedding small text in important areas, if you are creating an application for an old user, bothFor two people in this situation do not face the problem, consider your user in every aspect of the design of mobile application.

Keep the interface clear to avoid user confusion
In order to design easy-to-use mobile apps, you must maintain a clear and simple interface.Don't add anything to your app that does not improve the user experience but complicates it and create a negative impression of the app.Keep your mobile design layout as simple as possible while keeping On the desired visual effect.

Consistency of colors and use of the color hierarchy
Using shades of the same color can help you create the hierarchy needed to intuitively move the user along their path to achieve their goal, not feeling that the colors are irritating or repulsive, for example, starting with strong dark green and moving down the screen or page with a shadow A lighter or more intense green will help indicate the progress in the right direction by the user towards their goal of reaching what they want within the app, and it makes it easier to identify the most common options the user has or the action you want to take the most. .

User actions need to be responsive / responsive
Digital day is very fast, so one of the important factors underpinning the design of smartphone applications is the assumption that users usually have limited time, patience and limited attention span, meaning they need almost instant gratification for every action taken within your app. So a quick responsiveness may be more difficult to do in the presence of the more complex tasks, but something as simple as vibration when the button and the download bar or icon is pressed will help them understand that your application is doing its best to move it through to the next step in The fastest time mm Be, consider adding a fun fact about your waiting screen to keep them busy, the more fun your app is, the more likely it is to share it, and the most important thing to remember here is try to avoid a rotating ring that indicates a download that doesn't determine how much progress to the next step, it's Just make them worried about staying or leaving!

"One size fits all"
There are many purposes and areas for which you create mobile applications, the simple fact that the purpose behind the design of the application appropriate function and objectives, and here comes the importance of recognizing that there is no single design suitable for all business or you can

Conclusion: -

The process of designing mobile apps is one of the most important stages of creating your app, the way your app works has a big impact on the end user experience.If your app is not intuitive and simple to use, it is unlikely to be used regularly, so if you want to have a successful app It is widely accepted by its users.You should start from the target market research that this application serves, including the study of competitors and the target group, and then invest in the infrastructure of this application, "the design process" It is one of the ways to success that results in a wonderful experience Touched Then, if you want to stay ahead of the market, keep up-to-date on trends, keep up-to-date and respond quickly to user suggestions, wishes and problems. Here in this article we have highlighted 10 tips to help you design professional mobile apps. And successful, as follows:

Conduct the necessary research and work within a deliberate strategy.
Do it better.
Keep the interface clear to avoid user confusion.
Outdated apps are losing popularity.
Make it amazing from the start screen.
The design should be about the end goal of the user.
Understand your ideal user personality.
Consistency of colors and use of the color hierarchy.
User actions need to be responsive / responsive.
One size does not fit everyone 'you'll understand the goals of the application and then work according to them.
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