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The art of marketing your online store
The art of marketing your online store

Before looking for e-marketing methods for your own store, you should be able to understand and study the tools that you own and control the decision-making process that leads to achieving marketing goals and serving customer requirements. In 1948, James Colton set up the components of the electronic marketing mix, which are four elements: product, price, place and promotion. In recent times, the number of elements has reached seven:

1. Product or service: All things that meet the needs of the customer and seek to obtain them.

2. Price: Value paid for service taking into account market prices.

3 - Location: is the site through which the process of selling and buying and providing services and electronic shops are more appropriate because of the broad base of customers on the Internet.

4 - Promotion: means that are used to deliver goods or services to customers and demand development.

5. People: People who provide services about the product or service provided and communicate with customers.

6. Process: Steps and method used to deliver the product or service to the customer.

7 - Natural environment: tools that encourage and facilitate the process of marketing such as the provision of methods of shipping and delivery and payment methods secure electronic.

6 Marketing Methods for Your Online Store

1- Quality of your store content:

One of the most important factors to attract the client is the good content that succeed in explaining and simplifying the information in addition to interest in images that express the goods or services to be marketed. The task should be assigned to the writing and imaging professionals for a convenience store.

2 - Marketing through social networking sites:

With the expansion of technology and the large number of users of social networks, there is no doubt that the definition of customers on your findings on these sites take the largest share, and each country has a favorite website and also each product or service the most appropriate place to publish. You can make paid ads on your sites to narrow your target audience for your products and services and reach more in less time.

3. Search engine optimization:

Studying how search engines work and your use of SEO helps to improve the ranking of your online store on the results of Google search engines.

4. Google Adwords ads

Is a paid advertisement aimed at the emergence of your online store on the front page of the search engine Google, is one of the most accurate marketing methods in attracting customers interested in the service or product, as it reaches them by identifying the keywords they are looking for in the search engine Google, The device they are using.


The use of offers and discounts has a vital effect on making purchasing decisions at the customer.

6. Customer:

Customer marketing is a marketing tool that you can control easily and ensure you the best results. When we need a product we ask for knowledge or we recommend a store that provides excellent quality products and after sales services. Winning customers is more important than acquiring a large number of customers for a single purchase. Therefore, a customer evaluation request is recommended at the service level to increase confidence in your services, as well as email requests for easy communication and emailing them with the most recent offers.

The most appropriate marketing method for your store

E-marketing depends on the budget used in marketing campaigns. There is no particular way to monopolize the best results, but the most appropriate marketing method you can rely on is the one that fits the product or service provided. This is done by experts in the field of e-marketing, And choose the ways to achieve the desired objectives of the marketing campaign, to reach the gateway to the success of your store from the nearest possible way.

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